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Pets are seen as beloved family members and play crucial roles in many lives. But there are so many issues facing pets in America including overpopulation, dumping and behavior issues due to lack of training. I realized that a single animal shelter could help tackle most of these issues. Hānai Animal Rescue is a one of a kind shelter focused on creating a positive experience for both animals and potential adopters. It’s a mix of a shelter environment to care for basic needs but also has luxury amenities to provide up mental stimulation.


Caryn Chinen

Hi my name is Caryn Chinen! I’m from Pearl City, Hawaii and I moved to Oregon to get a degree from OSU. I love to hike, go to the beach and foster dogs that need homes. Now that I’m nearing graduation I’m thankful to the Graphic Design Program, it really helped me find a way to use my creative mind. After college I’m hoping to move up to Portland to find design opportunities.

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