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Chinese Cultural / SEASONS

This is about the Brand Identity design of the App named Seasons and with a series of products such as Posters, Postcards, Logo design, Icon design as well as a calendar. For this design, Seasons is an App brings Chinese Culture and Colors expressed by using four seasons of the year where everyone in the world experiences. It takes a series of knowledge about Chinese Colors and with the elements in the brand, it brings people into the world of Chinese Cultural Colors.

Board1 01 1
Other Signature-Marks
Board2 02
Logo / Icon
Board3 03
Color System (Spring + Summer + Font colors)
Color2 04
Color System (Autumn + Winter)
Posters (x2)
Postcards (x4)
App (Opening Page + Welcome Page)
Video https://youtu.be/hoY0lI_XWzw


As a designer these four years in College, App design used to be one of the things I hated to design. I used to tell one of my instructors that I don’t like App design and I will not do any jobs that is related to UI Designs. However, why an app for Capstone, is all because of my internship this year. I realized that I had to get used to what I dislike, then I am ready for what society prepared for me in the future.

As a designer, I wanted to create something that connects people around the world to know more about Cultures. Not only Chinese Culture, hence an App is what I thought that could connect people all around the world. Chinese Culture is one of the themes I created, it can be redesigned and updated with other series of themes in this App as well. It is a chance to let people get to know cultures while using an app during their daily life and recording their daily schedules here.


WenFei Xie

My name is Wenfei Xie, you can call me Fiona. While being a graphic designer, I have never forgotten myself as a Chinese. I am in love with anything about simplicity and cultural arts. With a huge interest in combining cultural arts and other designs, I bring that into all my investigation works (Designs).


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