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Rendezvous is a fictional tattoo shop located in central London. It is inspired by the late 1700’s aesthetic and influenced by Rococo art, architecture, fashion, interior design, patterns, colors and everything high society. Most tattoo shops look and feel the same – edgy, dark or punk with some rough typeface and black leather seats – but Rendezvous is a clean, classic, and sophisticated experience for any tattoo connoisseur. Rendezvous Tattoo is a complete passion project of mine fueled by my love of the Rococo period and paired with my interest of the tattooing world. So are you ready to Rendezvous?


Shay Clarke

Hey there, my name is Shay Clarke – I’m originally from Eureka, CA and outside of the design world I enjoy watching ghost shows, kayaking, river hole huntin’ and taking my dogs on adventures. After graduation I will be working as a Graphic Designer at CLM Marketing & Advertising in Boise, ID.

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