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Cochineal Dye

The Cochineal dye kit, which carries a flare of vibrant coloration which has been used for centuries was my inspiration behind the cochineal dye kit. Cochineal is one of the many natural resources used for dyeing. This technique which began as early as the 15th century, can be seen in products today, some of those products include, yogurts, makeup, soft drinks, and candies. Cochineal can also be used to dye products such as clothing and fabrics. The versatile use of the cochineal has not only an interesting history, but the cochineal became the 3rd most imported commodity in Spain during the 16th century, the first two being gold and silver. My inspiration for this project came about from my fascination with beetles and the curiosities that surround natural dye.

Primary and Secondary Logos


Trifold Pamphlet


Brand Identity

Unlike the vibrant reds the cochineal produces, the focus behind my designs for this project were to keep the colors a less intense red and allow for different shades of pink and mauve to be used throughout.

Brand Identity

Bianca Ruggiero

South Florida based designer, Bianca Ruggiero, has been exploring her skills in design and art for six years. She is currently on her way to receiving her BFA in Graphic Design from Oregon State University. She currently resides in Hollywood, FL, with her two cats Teresita and Suki. Bianca blends her passions in design with a few of her favorite hobbies, including, tending to her plants, the curiosities of life, and interior design.

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