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Color Box

ColorBox is a monthly subscription box that offers greater knowledge and understanding about implementing color into your life. Each month fun-filled with resources and tools to begin emotionally and physically connecting to colors around you.

Colorbox Stopmotion Unboxing

A great deal of thought and consideration must be given to placement and usage of color in work and home environments, as it directly impacts one’s physical and mental welfare.

A Closer Look into the First Month

The color red is a warm and positive color associated with our most physical needs and our will to survive. It exudes a strong and powerful energy.

Red excites the emotions and motivates us to take action.

The ultimate goal of ColorBox is to teach subscribers about how to apply color therapy/psychology as a useful tool in everyday life. This visually pleasing subscription box fully explores each color, with a new color every month.

Next Month’s Spoilers!

Boxes will feature the same or similar products each month, however, will teach you how to connect to a new color as the year goes on.

Continue your subscription from January through December for a rainbow of stuff by then end of your year!

Since there is never an end to the color spectrum, stick around for a lifetime of color.

Colors are beautiful, but there is so much more to them than meets the eye. Psychology proves that color can influence us emotionally and physiologically. You can use color psychology to help influence your mood, improve study habits, and even shop smarter. Start a ColorBox subscription today and start noticing the rainbow of colors that exist around you!

For process work check out: https://colorboxtherapy.weebly.com !

Makayla Morrow

Makayla Morrow

Hello! Both professionally and passionately, I’m a graphic designer and photographer that enjoys bringing businesses to life. I find color psychology, marketing, and making design with a purpose irresistible. Personally, I’m an energetic introvert, interested in spending my free time applying design knowledge to personal crafts, mixed media, and film photography projects. 

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