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Swell Suncare

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Ghost nets are fishing nets that have been dumped or abandoned by fishing vessels in the ocean. These nets threaten marine life and continue to catch fish, sea turtles, dolphins, birds, seals, and more as thy drift through the ocean. For my capstone project, I wanted to focus on ways ghost nets could be collected out of the ocean and recycled. This idea lead me to create Swell Suncare. Swell Suncare is a company that uses ghost nets and recycles the plastic from these nets into sunscreen bottles and jars. This project allowed me to come up with a vision and create an identity system, and voice for a brand. Swell Suncare is about helping the ocean, the planet and the animals all while feeling good about what you are putting on your skin.


Megan DeMaria

Hello, my name is Megan DeMaria and I am a graphic designer and photographer from Bend, Oregon. I love the sun, coffee, traveling, rock climbing, live music, making food and being creative.  I am very excited to graduate with my fellow graphic design peers this spring term and see where the world takes me after graduation.

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