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Design in the Catholic Church

While the Catholic Church has a long and beautiful history with the arts, it has been lagging behind in the modern arts of graphic design and visual communication. This project focuses on design and communication at the local, parish level. It is intended to educate priests and parish staff about the importance of design in the Church and how good design can help inspire parishioners to engage more fully in parish activities that will help them grow in their faith.

It includes an example brand identity system for Saint Lucy Catholic Parish in Campbell, California to serve as an inspiration and a tool kit for parishes to reference with design principles written in layman’s terms and resources they can utilize, like free Catholic stock photography.

Logo and Brand Identity

Saint Lucy Catholic Parish

I began the design process by sketching, refining and creating a logo in the likeness of Saint Lucy, the patron saint of the parish in Campbell. The brand guidelines for the brand identity part of this project explain the story of Saint Lucy’s life and her role in the parish, as well as important design parameters.

The Process

Creating the Logo and Brand Guidelines

I explored a variety of visual directions for this project through mood boards, sketches and thorough critiques.

Design Tool Kit

for Catholic Parishes

I also created a tool kit for parish staff to help them find resources and learn the basics of graphic design.


for Saint Lucy Catholic Parish

In addition, I outlined comprehensive guidelines for staff and volunteers at Saint Lucy Catholic Parish to effectively utilize social media and created a number deliverables as an example for how to use the brand guidelines in the future.

Youth and Young Adult

Color Palette

And, because every parish has such a wide range of ages, I added a youth and young adult color palette to the Saint Lucy Catholic Parish brand guidelines that complements the main color palette.

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