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Excessive amounts of fabric in people’s closets.

This is a problem that I found right in my own closet. But I am not alone. In a recent study of 1000 US individuals, the average person had 103 garments in their closet while claiming to only wear roughly 10% of them on a regular basis. While conducting my own survey, I found that nearly every person questioned claimed white and black as two of their most worn colors. With this in mind, I chose to come up with a way to reduce the amount of fabric in people’s closets, without compromising creative expression in the process.

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High-quality blank shirts that give the consumer the ability to interchange graphics on them.

The end product takes high-quality blank shirts and gives the consumer the ability to interchange graphics on them.


Interchanging Graphics

Consumers may bring in their old clothing and have them cut and sewn to a reduced size. With the addition of recycled buttons on Difrent’s tees, consumers can keep the designs they love and express themselves through while reducing the amount of fabric in their closets.

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EcoLife T-Shirts

These tees from EcoLife are a beautiful blend of organic and recycled cotton that maximizes comfort and allows for multiple wears per wash. They are also created using highly circular production techniques.

Excess Fabric Repurposed

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Recycled Back into Production

Repurposed into New Items

Relocated to Better Suited Organizations

Brand Identity For Website
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Closing Comments

While this was a short-term project, finding ways to repurpose and reuse is incredibly important in our consumer-driven society.

It’s important to creatively express yourself through clothing, but it’s also important to lower your impact on the Earth while doing so.

With new methods like Difrent, you can achieve both simultaneously.

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Karac Leyva

I am a creative based out of Los Angeles, CA. My passions include sports, apparel design, and traveling.

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