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Disconnect Comic


A short graphic novel about trying to keep in touch.

Disconnect follows Andy, an astronaut cat, as she works to get in contact with her family on Earth. It isn’t easy when all she’s ever known is the space station where she lives, but she’s determined to do what it takes.

For this graphic novel I illustrated 40 pages as well as a cover over the course of the past 11 weeks. It was my first time working on a comic this long, but I’ve created sporadic, short comics for a while now. In addition, I’ve spent the last year as a cartoonist at OSU’s newspaper, the Barometer. I intended to take this opportunity to create and get feedback for a personal project, applying the design skills I’ve learned to work in an adjacent but different medium. The final product is something that I’m not only proud of, but look forward to building on and refining in the future.

It’s available to read online, here. I recommend that you click the button in the top right corner of the embedded file below, to look at a larger version. I’d be honored if you took the time to check it out!

Humes Sketched


Originally, my plan was to produce a video game. Because of this, I took inspiration from games like A Short Hike or Night in the Woods. I enjoyed the fact that these games were very short, and that they usually featured very mundane things such as taking a hike or visiting the town where you grew up.

When I realized that making a comic was better suited to my strengths, the medium changed but the story stayed. For example, Andy and her family were brought over, even though their settings were suddenly different and their designs changed a bit. Once I had the space setting, I couldn’t help but make her a cat— I was reminded of an old book called Space Cat Meets Mars that my middle school librarian gave me before I went off to high school. Referencing another transitional time in my life felt fitting.

Humes Folks
Pine Humes

Pine Humes

I dream of someday having a whole room full of creative equipment to help realize whatever artistic visions I have. But for now, I’m content with a desk where I can design, edit photos, and draw.

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