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E Pluribus Unum

My capstone project is a propaganda campaign aimed at mending the wounds and misunderstandings that have gripped Americans and
caused many to lash out or even hate one another. While for many forgiving and forgetting recent events is unreasonable, I think in trying to
understand and empathize with each other, that it might help prevent future prejudices.

If propaganda has been used to tear us apart this much, why can’t it also be used to help heal?
With this in mind, I’ve created a poster with stickers that can easily be printed and displayed anywhere by anyone, with a QR code leading to
a Twitter page. The Twitter page will have posts that inspire unity, sharing stories of working together, in the hopes of starting a conversation
and bringing people together.

Unum Poster Final

Our mission is to remind people that we are all human.
We are not just our beliefs or political preferences. We
all have our own worries, problems, loves, and struggles
we deal with everyday. Each person has a different view
of what is best, and we are all just trying to get by. We
all live together in this country, and we all want this
country to be great. If we can’t agree with each other,
we need to at least learn to respect each other and not
actively try to hurt or harm one another. We are all
humans, we are all Americans.

E pluribus unum; out of many, one.



This project was inspired by the clean grids of international style pieces, and the vibrant colors of pop art. For colors, I wanted shades of red and blue that are so close in value that they look like they vibrate and almost make you feel a bit uncomfortable.

I’m using Helvetica because it doesn’t stand out and fits the international style of the theme.

Thank you for viewing my Capstone Project Page!


Elise Clark

Hi! I’m a graphic designer and photographer currently living in Oregon. I enjoy traveling and learning new things.

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