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Effects of Animal Agriculture

I explored how standard animal agriculture intertwines with and effects our world on three standards of ethics; environment, animal treatment, and personal health. Through research and market observations, I discovered that meat-free diets are the least detrimental to the levels of ethics I researched, but are least promoted in the current market. Through my work, I aim to encourage and promote more ethical diet practices by increasing awareness of animal agriculture’s impacts and effects. I seek to make measurable change that individuals of all backgrounds and standings can take part in to make steps towards improving the ethic standards of their diets, in ways that work best for them.


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My focus on diet ties in to environmental, social, cultural, and individual contexts. The production of different diets is one of the largest contributors to environmental change and impact. The ethics of different diets and their methods of production with regards to animal treatment and animal rights has also been made a part of certain diet choices. As animal rights movements have grown and animal treatment has changed due to mass-production of animal products, cultural changes over time have led to the promotion and introduction of new diets. Further, as research has been made exploring the impacts of diet on health, what is considered to be the healthiest diet has changed over time. In addition to the general consensus on healthy diets, different diet fads have entered and left over the course of recent history in their attempts at providing different results, promoting different ideals, or improving human health.

I seek to answer the question, “How can I encourage more of the general population to move towards more ethical diets?


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The greatest takeaway from all my methods of research is that all the conclusions drawn from each methodology converge to reveal a necessary step towards more ethical, plant-based diets over our current trends in diet.
Through my survey and market research, I found that individuals were choosing their diets based frequently on ease-of-access of different foods and the current marketplace places priority on making meat-centered products most easily accessible by the general public.
I concluded through my literature review that omnivorous diets were unethical and while most of the individuals I surveyed aligned most with a standard omnivorous diet, many of them were unaware of the poor ethics of their diet styles.
My methodologies pointed towards a lack in knowledge as the main driver behind individuals choosing unethical diets over more ethical ones and I tackled this problems through my design project.


I developed a set of infographics to be utilized as an awareness campaign to draw attention towards the ways in which individuals can make small changes that lead to huge differences.

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