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Eggcellent is an app that primarily targets college students and people with the age of 20 to 30 years old. This app has two primary functions. The first function is to provide recipes for the busy students that can help them cook within 15 minutes. The second function is to let people sell their food using the app just like Uber and Airbnb. If you made 50 cheesecake, you should sell it using the app. Many people bake cookies at home, and they often bake too many; eggcellent is the solution to help you.

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There are many college students who live far away from home including myself. We are poor and many of us don’t know how to cook. The best way for students to save money and stay healthy is to cook ourselves. The first feature of eggcellent is to provide easy, quick, and cheap recipes for our user. The average price per adult size meal is $1.50.

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I’m an artist that loves adventures and it’s risky. I take risks for thinking out of the box and thinking out of the box is evolution. I love learning new things and I’m not afraid to use it.

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