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Harmony is a Biophilic design group that uses sustainability, innovation, and accessibility to bring elements of the natural environment into homes within large cities to reconnect humans to nature. Biophilic design brings together the built environment and the natural environment to mutually benefit both humans and nature. Harmony was created to educate and help implement the benefits of increased exposure to nature within people's daily lives.

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This is the problem.

I researched human connection to the natural environment and how this affects sustainability. Through my research, I found that those who live in inner cities and more urban areas feel less connected to the environment around them than those who live in more rural and natural areas. This is mainly due to a lack of exposure to nature and natural elements. This can negatively affect a person’s mental and physical well-being.

This is the solution.

The solution I found to this problem was based on the idea of Biophilic Design. Biophilic Design is a unique type of design that aims to integrate the natural environment with the built environment through direct and indirect experience with nature. I decided to create a company called Harmony that implements this type of design into the everyday life of those who live in urban areas.

This is Harmony.

Harmony is a Biophilic Design group focused on bringing the natural elements of the environment into your home and daily life. Harmony believes in using innovation, sustainability, and accessibility to create a peaceful and natural atmosphere within homes in large cities. Through increased exposure, education, and reconnection to one’s natural environment we can create a balance between the natural and built environment. This is a resource and a community. We provide online and in-person services. Our online services include a Biophilic Design guide for do-it-yourself ideas, a community forum for sharing information asking questions, and more. We also have experts around the clock available to talk on the phone or online. Our in-person services include home visits and assessing homes for installations of BIophilic elements.

Check out Harmony’s full website HERE.

Biophilic Design Guide

Harmony’sBiophilic DesignGuide is a research-based guide to create a beautiful natural environment within your home. It shares easy to advanced tips and tricks on Biophilic Design elements as well as information and the benefits of what it does for you once it’s apart of your daily life. Biophilic design is separated into two groups, direct and indirect exposure to nature. Elements of Biophilic Design that can be incorporated into a home and are considered a direct experience with nature include exposure to air, light, plants, water, and animals. Direct experience with nature is classified as something that is physically existing simultaneously within nature and interior space as well as any living natural being. Elements of Biophilic Design that can be incorporated into a home and are considered an indirect experience with nature include exposure to images, sounds, natural materials/colors, naturalistic shapes/forms, simulating light/air. An indirect experience with nature is anything that doesn’t physically exist within nature but is derived from or inspired by some aspect of a natural environment.

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Morgan Roddick


I am a Graphic Designer, Photographer, Illustrator, and a design thinker with a passion for the environment and healthy living. I enjoy working with people and solving problems to better everyday life and my community at large. When I’m not designing you can find me hiking, camping, or binge-watching Friends reruns on TV. I grew up in Southern California and am currently attending Oregon State University receiving my BFA in Graphic Design. I am very active in the design community and recently attended the Bend Design Conference this past fall. I love to travel which sparked my passion for photography. Check out my portfolio site below to learn more about the work I’ve done.

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