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ICOS (Intelligent Car Operating System)

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For Your Safe and Comfortable Drive

ICOS is the intelligent car operating system that increases usability with visualization and new functionalities.The usability and visualization issues for developing a car interface and increases the safety of driving based on user experience.

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Split Screen:

ICOS has two separate main screens. The left screen provides essential information for a driver about the car and driving mode settings that support drivers. The right screen has media functions such as maps, browsers, and entertainment, for both drivers and passengers.

Audio Connection 02
Media Connection 02

ICOS provides you to connect two mobile devices, one for the car media so that you can enjoy the music from the passenger’s phone, and the other for hands-free audio to answer a phone call during driving.

Overspeed 02
Overspeed 03

You will have an alert that is differentiated by the fonts and colors to understand information quickly. ICOS alerts with green, yellow, and red, depending on how dangerous the situation is. The colors are taken from traffic signals, so it is cohesive with the road condition.

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