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J Night

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J Night: Culture Show Event Campaign

Japanese Student Association’s J Night is an annual culture night consisting of performances, free food, games & prizes, all in the theme of Japanese Matsuri Festivals. Whether you have been to Matsuri or not, you’ll feel, taste, and experience a part of traditional Japanese culture. This year’s J Night was held first time in the past 4 years. I was in charge of the marketing while also managing the whole event as the president.


Erika Iizuka

Hello! My name is Erika Iizuka, and I’m from Saitama, Japan. I believe my best graphic design work is centered around making design systems which bring cohesion and an enjoyable user experience. It could be brand identities, event campaigns, or website designs. My interest outside of design is watching anime, hanging out with my friends, playing sports, and driving. I’m always looking to improve, explore, and learn!

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