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Meet Infinite, a brand that uses the economic power of artists and designers to fund the development of sustainable materials and products.

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What is Infinite

Infinite is a platform that creates early-career opportunities for artists and supports their development.

Each month Infinite pairs with a group of artists and designers to form a new collection. Each collection has a theme and artists are grouped together based on a variety of factors including style, themes, and interests.

Infinite’s goal is to help artists develop and gain experience, earn a fair share of profits from the sale of their work, promote artists to a wider audience, and use the revenue generated from artists to develop new sustainable materials and wider uses for existing ones.

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Infinite Notebooks

One of the products Infinite develops for artists to design is eco-paper notebooks and sketchbooks. Designs are printed on a cover that can be removed and placed on different notebook inserts. This design means that when the notebook is full, the cover can be reused and does not need to be deinked in a recycling plant. Paper with ink often takes chemicals to recycle, so Infinite works to make sure all printed materials are not single-use and designed to last.

The notebook inserts come in different material and style options for different utilities. Notebook covers are printed on high-quality Kenaf paper, and the inserts are available in Kenaf paper or recycled paper. Kenaf fiber was noted by the USDA to be the most viable option to replace tree-based papers.

Each cover has an outer design and an inner graphic that relates to the cover design. Each artist is credited on the inner cover, along with collection information.

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Notebook Storage

This is a custom Infinite notebook holder. This is a custom Infinite notebook holder. It fits both notebook insets and notebooks with covers and can hold up to 15 notebooks. This box has been designed with a sliding door in a track so that it can be used in a small space and does not need extra room to open.

This is one of the items that Infinite artists can create designs for. These notebook holders are created with paper pulp, which is paper that has been recycled more than 5-7 times and no longer has fibers long enough to turn back into notebook paper.

Check out this video showing how to use the notebook holder.


Alek Newton

I’m a designer and illustrator that enjoys working on packaging and branding projects. I love the outdoors, hiking, photography, and I always have a recipe recommendation on hand.

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