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Little Learners

Little Learners is a company for kids and adults alike. At Little Learners, we believe in learning through FUN. We provide resources for kids to learn through play, and for parents to receive support and inspiration while tackling the most important job they have: raising an independent and creative child. Dive into a world of color, creativity, and encouragement as education and delight come together in the Little Learner's world.


Founded on the belief that parents and littles are amazing, and deserve all the support they can get, Little Learners is a resource with digital and physical options, to support and engage our littles.

Dive into our website, engage with physical activity boxes, and watch as you and your little grow in confidence and creativity. We’ve got your back!

Little Learners Logo


Welcome to the Little Learners website, your home for all things fun. Enjoy a Freebies section that includes printable PDFs for at-home learning, a Library page filled with curated information on Montessori inspired learning, as well as a Shop page to receive age-specific boxes delivered to your door.

Activity Box

Once you’ve chosen a box for your little, simply wait for shipping and then open for hours of learning and fun! Each box comes with three open-ended toys as well as a booklet.

Carcirclell 1


The booklet within the activity box is filled with tips and tricks, DIYS for sensory, independent, and creative play, as well as an overview of what comes in your box. This is a great resource to learn with your little, the boxes are meant for you too!


The Little Brand

The “Little” brand was designed to be first of all friendly. With warm oranges and lots of white space, the Little Learners brand is kid friendly and approachable!

Next was fun. Bright and busy patterns fill the blank spaces and allow for lots of fun within the Little Learner brand.

Finally, the Little brand is about family. The brand combines elegance and comfort to fill the needs of you and your little. It is a brand for the whole family.

friendly . . . fun . . . family

Learn More

Learn more about Little Learners by visiting our website at https://haileythomasdesign.wixsite.com/littlelearners.


Hailey Thomas

I am a graphic designer living in sunny Medford, OR. I love creating playful designs that delight and bring a smile. I am inspired by the creativity of childhood, the joy of a sunny day, and the feeling of being surrounded by loved ones. My designs are intended to be lighthearted, sincere, and fresh.

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