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Maru is a period health app with the goal of making periods more comfortable for everyone who bleeds. Users can track their period and log their symptoms. Maru will then recommend articles and products based on the symptoms logged. If the user is interested in purchasing any of the products suggested, they can create a care kit which will be sent to them. Maru is made to educate and introduce ways in which periods can be a better experience.


80% of people think that periods are viewed negatively in society. The way in which menstruation is often addressed perpetuates the stigma surrounding the topic which then influences peoples’ relationships with their periods.

maru’s goal is to provide access to period health for all. With its accessible and easy to use interface, users can customize their experience based upon their symptoms, to ensure they can fulfill their specific needs.




Track your period with your custom cycle calendar. See when you are ovulating, anticipate your fertility window, and check to see when your next predicted period is.

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After tracking your period or spotting, tell maru how you are feeling. This data will be saved each month so you can find patterns in your symptoms and make sure you are staying prepared and healthy. Log your symptoms and maru will do the rest!

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maru offers medically reviewed articles for you based on your logged symptoms. Do you get terrible cramps? Maybe you’ve never thought of exercising as a solution. Avoid the google search rabbit hole and get all of the information you need through the app.

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What comes to mind when you think “period products?” Maybe it’s tampons and pads, menstrual cups, or period underwear. People who bleed rarely know of or have access to other products that may relieve their symptoms and set them up for a more comfortable period. maru recommends products for you based on your symptoms. Maybe you never thought of essential oils or tea as a solution for your period cramps, well look no further.

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Click through to try maru out for yourself! The app prototype was made using adobe XD.


No subscription required. Get what you want when you want it! maru helps you choose what best fits your needs.

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Ending period stigma means building a strong community of people who can be open about their experiences and share their period stories with others. At maru, we think it is important to use social media as a tool for instilling this change. The hashtag #periodmeetcomfort intends to unite maru users and everyone who is in search of a period glow up!

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Lona Tappouni

I will be graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Visual Arts.

I decided to attend Oregon State to major in Computer Science. I quickly realized I would much rather design the website than build it, and luckily OSU had a design program. My minor in Visual Arts has pushed me to try new things like bookmaking, screen printing, and 3D art.

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