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Ministry Is Awkward

An awkward, fun, and modern solution to understanding Christian jargon.

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Our Mission

Our words have power and it is our mission to examine all perceptions of Christian jargon, regardless of religious identification, in a modern and universal way. We are an awkward, fun, and modern solution to understanding Christian jargon.

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This is where most of the action will take place. The Ministry Is AwkwardInstagram introduces jargon series such as: “Faith vs. Doubt”, teaser videos, iconic memes, and interactive story filters that brings the growing technological world and marries it to expanding Christian topics.

The Power of Perspective

A primary feature of the Instagram page are the teaser videos known as: “Christians Read Responses to Faith.” Here Christians read and respond to interpretations of Christian jargon by those whom are Non-Christian. These videos are meant to give insight into what these words mean to a new generation of Christians as well as challenge them to see things from a different perspective.

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Christians Read Responses On Faith (Part 1/3)

The Power of Memes

A common and universally understood means of modern communication are memes. They’re funny, ironic, and easily recognizable. Within the Ministry Is Awkward system, meme’s can be utilized to portray positive and negative relationships with Christianity as well as be a means to convey Christian theology in a modern and universally recognizable format.

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The Power of Testimonies. I Mean Stories. The Power of Instagram Stories

The Ministry Is Awkward story filters main FUNction is to be that fun. The filters encourages everyone to participate in the awkwardness that drives the brand and allows all to get in the conversation of jargon, and not just those featured in the featured videos. Filters feature: 21 Questions (Quarantine Version), What Biblical Character Are You?, and the What Is Series that allows everyone to get in on the conversation of Christian jargon and not just those who are featured in the teaser and main videos.

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YouTube is the secondary social media platform that is utilized within the Ministry Is Awkward system and houses the main videos for any jargon season.

For the Spring 2020 season, the featured words are faith and doubt.

Faith vs. Doubt

Faith vs. Doubt is the headlining video for the Spring 2020 season of Ministry Is Awkward. These main videos are used to allow real people to reflect on what the featured words mean to them and how they build or possibly even demolish their relationships with those words and the institution behind them.

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Thanks For Scrolling!

Thank you for taking the time to view my finished Capstone! And thank you to all of my stellar volunteers who helped make this project a reality. I wouldn’t have been able to pull it off in the midst of a pandemic without you!

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claire ibarra

I am a Graphic Designer and Photographer graduating from Oregon State University in the Spring of 2020.

I am a sassy and adventurous 22-year-old who has spent most my life growing up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. When I am not designing, you can find me creating Spotify playlists, binging Netflix, or playing soccer.

I have spent most of my life playing sports where I expressed my creativity in performing eloquent cuts with a soccer ball and perfecting the art of corner kicks. Instead of using my feet, I am now learning how to be creative with my hands and have been so thankful for the new perspective that design has brought to my life.

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