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NBA All Star Game Rebrand

Nba Banner 01

This project will have multiple parts. To begin I want to rebrand the current NBA All Star game format and bring back the East vs West format. With this, I will redesign the logo, jerseys, and marks for the event. Finally, I want to create 3d digitally designed NFT’s for the All Star weekend that will include some of the games stars such as Lebron James and Stephen Curry


Mark Iversen

Hello, my name is Mark Iversen, and I am from Pleasanton, California. Outside of design I am passionate about all thing’s music and sports. I play the guitar and golf on a regular basis. During my time as a Graphic Design student at Oregon State I learned a lot about who I was and what I wanted to do with this degree. After graduation I am hoping to join a design agency that helps create brand identities for companies that I am a customer of.

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