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SAMEFORYOU is a passion project that orbits around using what one has, while making it one’s own. I set out to create my own brand centered around a shared experience of existence through communication of design aesthetics, and interests in terms of clothing and art. I personally was inspired by what I would want to wear if I had a choice on appearance. I also wanted to create these lines because I feel like brands aren’t delivering an expectation of style for me, so much so that I desired to make pieces for myself. Personally, thrifting is my main source of clothing, so I sought out to make two collections that represent recycling of materials in a way that doesn’t sacrifice quality or expression. By working backwards and selecting the ‘canvas’ first, I was able to collage recycled and thrifted materials in order to make new pieces with the addition of a theme and concentration. SAMEFORYOU is an expression of endearment and symbolizes the connection to another person based on sharing emotions, experiences, and empathy surrounding the understanding of self and sharing those learning moments with others.

Taylor N

Taylor Norbury

My name is Taylor Norbury and I’m from Clackamas, OR. My favorite activity is drawing or painting. Something important I wish I did earlier in my graphic design journey here at Oregon State is probably to have switched majors. Just kidding. My post graduation plans involve working for Unless Collective in Portland and starting my own art booth at the Saturday Market.

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