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PSEUDO-KAT is an indie game studio that specializes in making games for fans of the creepy and the occult! Our only goal is to leave our dear players covered in goosebumps and filled with a deep, unshakable sense of dread.

This project was inspired by my love of horror games and the indie devs who work tirelessly to fuel the genre. In addition to the studio’s branding, I also created a concept for PSEUDO-KAT’s first launching title, a paranormal visual novel titled 7th Moon.


Autumn Paris

I’m Autumn, a graphic designer interested in branding, packaging, and illustration. I’m excited start the next chapter of my life and have my first opportunity in the world of design! Although I was born and raised in Salem, Oregon, my ultimate dream is to live as a digital nomad and travel the world, connecting with different people and designing from new, interesting places. For now, I plan to stay and work in the Willamette Valley but I’m always open to new experiences outside of the state (or even the country!).

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