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Room Hues

For my project, I wanted to study how color is directly tied to the dynamics of aesthetics, and what those colors mean to an individual. What better way to tailor to the individual than to make a video game? Thus, I introduce you to "Room Hues"; a point and click side scrolling game that also works as a color generator! "Room Hues" will create a personalized color scheme specific to what aesthetic options you chose throughout the game. So, the colors can only be described as one thing: you!


In Game Screenshot


In Room Hues, there is a total of 30 diverse options to choose from. You get to select one out of five for each part of the room. When you press on an item, you can see the full item in detail. Each choice is unique and encompasses a variety of styles and aesthetics. From modern to retro, punk to pastel, there will be a choice for you!

Base 8
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As you select locations in the room and confirm your choices, the locations will change! There are a total of 6 places to select from: the Bookshelf, Desk, Poster, Bed, Cork Board, and Closet. Watch as your choices design your ideal room! You can see if your selections match each other, or if you have a diverse taste in style!

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Your Colors

Have you ever wondered: If I was a color, what would I be? In Room Hues, you will have that question answered! After you have confirmed all your desired options, the game’s final step is to generate a whole color scheme based on all your selections! The color scheme comes with the HEX code of each color, so you can copy the code for your own personal use! Color is a key factor in determining your aesthetic, and with this game you get to see first hand what those colors are!

Watch a Full Play Through Here!


Grace Peabody

I’m a Graphic Designer and Illustrator born and raised from Portland, Oregon. When I’m not spending hours illustrating and designing, I’m either writing, singing, listening to music, watching anime, or yearning for a grand adventure.

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