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Second Life Clothing

Fast fashion may look trendy on the surface, but ultimately, it’s an unsustainable industry, and harmful to our planet.
Clothing can be recycled, reused, or repurposed, Second Life focuses on that simple principle.
Garments are collected from second-hand places, to be screen-printed on with in-house, unique, one-of-a-kind designs.
Second Life puts importance on clothes that can put individuality into our wardrobes, taking away the potential for more waste.

First Shot

Our Message

Second Life is a brand I created that focuses on clothing that can be reused or repurposed. Garments are collected from second hand places (where they collect dust), to be screen printed on, with unique, one of a kind designs.

Second Life puts importance on clothes that has the potential to make it back into our wardrobes. Not adding more clothing to an already extensive problem and not creating more unnecessary waste.

Through the designs and branding, the goal is to raise awareness and speak to our shared responsibility on the environmental impacts of apparel production and consumption.

Why Screen Printing?

Before the start of the brand I hadn’t an idea how to screen print. The medium has taught me to take my time and expand my creativity. Essentially, if you have artwork and or a message, it can be screen printed on garments. The beauty with this process is the potential for options in creativity, Second Life has just begun.

When enough of us change our shopping behavior, more manufacturers will need to listen. The future of our planet certainly depends on it.

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“Design with creativity, purpose and ingenuity.”


Joe Pardo

Hello, I’m Joe! A rad graphic designer, passionate photographer, and self-taught screen printer based in rainy Oregon.

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