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Sivetz Hall

My capstone focusses on a conceptual brand identity system for a fictional music venue, Sivetz Hall.


When I began my research I set out to explore the idea of social space. What motivates people to enter social spaces? 88% of participants from a survey I conducted stated that they “would be more likely to enter a social space alone if there are set activities that they can occupy themselves with.” People don’t like to enter social spaces without a purpose. This left me to ponder what facilitated my own social interactions with people, in times that I felt friendless or lonely. The time I felt this the most (as many people experience) was when I started college.

One of the biggest things that ultimately allowed me to connect more with my community and put myself out there was the music scene. For many, live music plays an important role in bringing people together. Corvallis, OR (my college town), however, is lacking when it comes to large, open-floor venues. With this in mind, I decided to reimagine a historic building in my neighborhood as a concert hall.

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Emma Palin

Hey, I’m Emma! I’m graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Studio Art.

My approach to design work is often colorful and illustrative. I love hand lettering, and organic, human-made forms. I’m drawn to the whimsical and wacky—to design that doesn’t take itself too seriously (while still doing a seriously good job). 

I’m an Oregon native, born and raised in NE Portland. Outside of graphic design, my passions include drawing and painting, snowboarding, and listening to / watching / dabbling in playing music.

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