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Spellbound is a gothic alternative clothing line designed for those who want to be unique, with a dark edge. The project includes hand designed and sewn clothing, a gallery of modeled photos as well product photos, a branding design, and a website mockup. The colors chosen allow for a touch of femininity, and the fonts include a classic gothic font as well as a custom font with more artistic flare to it. Over all, this project incorporates traditional gothic elements, and a pop of fun feminine flare with a bold twist.

Logo Spellbound

The Process

The process for this project started out with a lot of pre-planning during capstone one, to get a feel for for the project I wanted to do. Ultimately, I settled for a clothing line, since I’m passionate about fashion and style just as much as design. Once I knew what I wanted to do, I started with some mood board inspiration, then began my sketches. The sketches included clothing ideas, tag branding ideas, and logo design. I used this time to also create a clothing hang tab for the products, which would be placed on the items for a storefront or purchase.

Tinerk Logo Sketches
Image of sketches for logo design
Tinerk Prodtag Sketches
Image of sketches for product tag ideation
Tinerk Clothing Sketches
Image of clothing sketch ideas

After I got a feel for my sketches and production pieces, I started on the design brief, which included picking colors, fonts, and elements that would form the foundation for the projects. This time was also used to come up with the brand description and vision.

Design Brief Tinerk
Image of Spellbound design brief and logo, includes fonts, system elements, logo, and colors

Once the branding and design was set, I started creating the designs that would be placed onto the clothing. I had to run these through my Cricut machine, then iron them all onto the clothes very carefully. I chose to add elements to the clothing in order to incorporate more of a design element to them, so that it wouldn’t be just sewing.

The Production

When the clothes were ready, it was time for the photoshoot! I had a friend come help me model the pieces, and we did a cover photo and front and back photo for each piece. We also took a few random other photos which would end up being used in the advertisement pieces later. Afterwards, I did the product photography myself, including a front and back photo of each clothing item laid out flat to show detail.

The next design piece would be the advertisements. I played a lot with color and photography during this time, but settled with ads that included more digital elements rather than photo, so that I could showcase more of the brand elements as shown.

The Final Result

The last and final piece for this object was the website build, which would house all the products that had been created previously. I created a homepage with two scroll down styled images that included the ads, a page with a pop up ad, and then I started on the shop page. From there, I created a page that showed what it’s like to click on an item. Once complete with the website design, the project came to a final conclusion.

Tinerk Gif Webpages
Gif of webpage images that are also shown below

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Kilee Tiner

Hi! My name is Kilee. I am an eclectic graphic designer who is passionate in good design, with a love for all things spooky and different. I value my sense of individuality, that which shines in my works. I spend my free time with my cats and a good cup of coffee, when not designing something new.

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