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Aliotype is a web based archive and store front based around alternative photographic processes. Here you’ll be able to find information about alternative photographic processes and how to create beautiful prints while keeping safety in mind. The idea behind this project was to provide greater accessibility to information and supplies needed to make prints with these often obscure photographic techniques. In the hopes that more people would find them interesting and worth exploring.

(Pictured on the left: image of a full CMYK gum print)


Hayden Still

Hello Everyone! My name is Hayden Still and I’m from Lakewood, Colorado. I came to OSU to be a Division I Wrestler and study Graphic Design here in Corvallis. I can gladly say that it was a good move, as I’ve enjoyed my experiences at OSU. In my free time I often tinker with analogue photographic methods. As of now my future plans are undetermined but I’m looking forward to the road ahead!

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