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Sustainably You

The goal of my project is to create a website that has numerous resources and tips on how to lead a sustainable life as well as teach people about climate change and the responsibility we all have to act and save our natural resources.

SustainablyYou is a website that was created as a source for people wanting to know how to live sustainably and to learn more about climate change and what they can do on an individual level to counteract it.

The site has general information on global warming and why it’s happening as well as states why sustainability is so important in halting the damages caused by pollution and climate change. The main goal of the website is to share tips and insight on how to become more sustainable in a world that is overwhelming. There is so much information and knowledge available on how to live sustainably and where to find sustainable products but they are scattered all around the web making it overwhelming to search and navigate so many different sources. That is why I decided to make one source that has multiple sources within it that is also easy to navigate and to find what you are looking for. It’s a one-stop shop for your sustainable needs. Although, it’s not a shop but shares shops that sell sustainable goods.



When I started my capstone project I initially wanted to do something involving fast fashion and sustainability. I researched different sustainable fabrics and the life cycle of clothing and learned how different plants, textiles and combination of processes can result in sustainable clothing or cheap, environmental damaging fast fashion garments.

In my initial phase of research I contacted shop owners of used clothing stores and asked them how they worked and if they shared any information with their customers about sustainability. There were some pretty cool stores such as one that sold purely plus sized clothing. I am plus sized and often have difficulty finding used, plus sized clothing. There was also one that mended and restyled used clothes as well as gave demonstrations on how to mend your own clothes, and tailored and fixed clothing at a low price. I also created an online survey asking people if they would consider living more sustainably and if they would be interested in buying used clothes for the purpose of being more sustainable. The majority of people who responded said that they are interested in being sustainable but they don’t know how to or don’t know about sustainable options.

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I am still interested in re-designing used clothes to counteract fast fashion but I became more interested in how to help people be able to find information on how to be sustainable and where to find sustainable options. For instance in my survey several people mentioned that they want to be sustainable and are willing to change their lifestyle they just don’t know about their options and knew little on what is sustainable. Thus I decided to make a resource that could have numerous sources within it, which ended up being a website.

I researched different sustainable shops that sell sustainable basic needs items as well as researched how one can switch from using brand name, wasteful products to sustainable household products. I also found multiple DIY tutorials for mending and repairing clothes. I ended up creating a set of icons and illustrations to go with the website to emphasize the sustainable aspect of the resource.


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Square Rust Kelsie Bio

Kelsie Rust

I am a soon to be OSU graduate majoring in, well of course Graphic Design, and minoring in Art History. I love art history and think that it is valuable for a graphic designer to have an understanding of cultural and historical changes in art. I am at my core an artist, illustrator and a designer. I love making things for other people to experience.

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