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Cozy Cat Café

A brand identity for a hypothetical cat café in Corvallis, Oregon

By: Maia Farris

About Cozy

Two Oregon State University faculty members dream of opening a cat café in Corvallis, Oregon. This capstone project created a brand identity for the cat café, bringing their dream to more of a reality. Cozy’s brand identity is warm, inviting, fun, and balances a simplistic, modern style with whimsical attributes.

Take a look at how Cozy’s brand identity comes to life through various deliverables below.

Logo Header
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What is a cat café?

A cat café is a fun and unique space for people of all ages to eat, drink, and spend time with cats, while also promoting cat adoption.


Cozy’s website prototype

A purr-fect place to grab a drink and hang out with adoptable feline friends.

The frame below features Cozy’s website prototype. Scroll and click within the frame as you would on a normal website. This website showcases Cozy’s events, adoptable cats, merchandise, and additional information about the café.

(Wait to let images load. If you’re having trouble viewing it with the right proportions in “Full Screen”, press the “Z” key on your keyboard to change the viewing mode until it is full width and not zoomed in or zoomed out)
This site was designed using Figma. Image citations are noted within.

Cozy’s Brand Identity

Cozy’s brand identity is warm, inviting, fun, and balances a simplistic, modern style with whimsical attributes.

Brand Guidelines Book Mockup

For client delivery, the Cozy Brand Guidelines would be printed and bound into a book.
The guidelines offer instruction for the client or working designer as to how the brand should be used: Logo variations, typography treatment, photography style, stationery formatting, illustrations, and more.

View Brand Guide PDF
Cozy brand guide

Stationery, Social Media and SWAG mockups

Stationery for the Cozy Cat Café includes business cards and letterhead. The Cozy Cat Café uses Instagram as it’s primary social media platform.

Take a look at the Instagram HERE.

At Cozy, SWAG items like mugs and stickers can be bought. In the actual café store, there would also be merchandise for cats and local artisan creations would be for sale as well.

A peek at the process

Research, sketching, and exploration

This project began in fall 2019 doing different methods of research. Some of the research conducted was surveys, literature review, market analysis, and interviews with cat café experts and the clients.

Spring term 2020, the brand identity was executed. The beginning of the process involved creating a mood board, revisiting fall term’s research, exploring potential typography, creating color palettes, and sketching logo ideas. Once the brand identity was created, other deliverables were made.

The process of the website started with wireframing and layout sketches. Before beginning the web design, all assets were collected. Images used on the website were sourced from Unsplash and then color graded to match the brand identity. Lots of iteration, learning, and problem solving went into the web design.

In the future I’m hoping Cozy actually comes to life in Corvallis… but in the meantime, show support for our local humane society, Heartland, by donating or adopting.

Thank you for viewing!

Farris Maia Bio

Maia Farris

Graphic Designer • Photographer • Illustrator

Maia Farris is a senior in the Class of 2020 Graphic Design Cohort. Growing up in Oregon, she has always loved nature, hiking, visiting the Coast, and wandering around Portland. In her spare time you can find her drawing, writing, taking photos, and spending time with friends and family. Maia enjoys traveling to new places around the world, and her favorite part of her college career was teaching English in Macau, China for three months. In the future, Maia hopes to work somewhere that cares about people, the environment, and at a place that challenges her to learn new things, while being able to use and improve the variety of skills she has already acquired. Click here to see what she’s up to on Instagram!

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