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The Dye Pot

The Dye Pot is a brand for people looking to experience natural dyeing, while educating about its historical, cultural, and environmental holdings. That sounds like a lot to unpack, but uniquely curated packages explore individual, bite-sized facets of natural dyeing with twists of modernism and lots and lots of puns. Yeah, I'd say it's to dye for.

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Hand block-printed dye logs for recording process
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Jars of dyestuff
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Gold foiled introduction / recipe card
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Seed packets to grow your own dye garden
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Witches Brew dye kit contents

In the Witches Brew package, inspiration came from a traditional belief of spirits dipping their hands into dyepots to reduce effectiveness of the dye. A pattern painted with soy milk onto the silk fabric magically appears only after the fabric has been dyed. You can enjoy the mystery of what pattern and colorswill appear as you stir your own witches brew.

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Image1 Thedyepot Lanning

What inspired a project about natural dyeing?

A little over a year ago I discovered that I could dye fabric with avocado pits, which blew my freaking mind. I loved the idea of getting to use food that would otherwise be waste to create something new and beautiful. Since then, my fascination with color and textiles has only grown. I’ve always loved nature, and now I have a deeper appreciation for it. I look at plants and wonder what color lays within. It’s magic, really. I wanted to give other people that opportunity to play with their food and change their associations with color. It’s fun, it feels good for the soul, it reduces impact on the earth. That’s worthy of being shared.

What all goes inside of the Witches Brew box?

(1) Silk noil 21in x21in inside a cotton drawstring baggie, (1) jar of dyestuff – either madder, cochineal, or logwood, (1) introduction / recipe card, and (1) dye log for recording dye processes.

Looking forward

I don’t intend for this project to be left to die (or should I say, dye) as a capstone project. I want to explore natural dyes more myself and develop other types of dye kits, develop a website, and create a space for people to experience natural dyeing.

Thank you

Thanks for checking out my project. I had a really fun time developing this brand and I’m excited to get it out into the world. Questions or comments? Email me at brenna.lanning14@gmail.com!


Brenna Lanning

I’m a graphic designer and hopeless romantic of the West, even though I’m afraid of horses. (Why are they SO BIG?)

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