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The Empowered Birth Conference

providing pregnant woman tools for positive, empowered birthing

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The Problem

Childbirth – an experience that today’s culture teaches to be a horrible, unbearable, medical event that many associate with fear, anxiety, confusion, and trauma. Unfortunately, this is the reality for many women. However, this is not how birth has to be. Research has shown that quality education, informed consent, strong support systems, story sharing, and knowledge of birth options play an important role in positive birth experiences. Birth does not have to be something that overwhelms us with fear, but is rather an entirely natural process. With the right tools, women can be empowered through their birth experiences and proud of what they can accomplish.

The Solution

The Empowered Birth Conference is a one-day conference for pregnant women and their partners to be equipped with the necessary tools to have a positive, empowered birth experience. It is not a substitute for a birth course, but rather specializes in empowering women and reducing fear. It focuses on three essential ingredients to empowered birthing: education, story sharing, and support.

Education Sharing Support

The entire event is specially catered towards pregnant women and their unique needs:


  • Many resting areas with comfortable couches & pillows
  • Workshops are strategically located to reduce walking distances
  • Frequent water refill fountains, garbage cans for snack waste, and sanitization stations
  • 15 minute breaks between each workshop to allow for slow traveling, bathroom breaks, and resting


  • Great diversity in food vendors to satisfy all cravings
  • Complementary customizable snack-packs
  • “No-Scent” food rooms for lunch and strict no-scent snack policy in workshop rooms

Other Amenities

  • Free childcare
  • Rentals for blankets and fans


There are workshops on a variety of topics including postpartum depression, birthing options, nutrition, and even workshops for partners to gain the knowledge and tools to be supportive birth and postpartum partners. These workshops are led by industry professionals – midwives, OB/GYNs, doulas, nutritionists, physical therapists, and psychologists. All talks and workshops are recorded and available for viewing online with your conference membership. No need to stress about missing one of the workshops!

Story Sharing

Next, the conference shares real, positive birth stories. Too often we only hear the horror stories which can cause unnecessary fear and anxiety. Here, there are inspirational testimonies from other moms showcasing a variety of birth experiences revealing how birth can by positive regardless of the unexpected turns.


Lastly, the conference pro­vides support through small support groups. These groups provide opportunities to connect personally with one another, share fears and experiences, and support one anoth­er. Women are encouraged to continue meeting after the conference ends.

The conference officially ends at 5:30pm, however there is an after-hours option for guests utilizing over-night lodging. There are alcohol-free social events to meet new people, build community, and just have a good time.

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headshot of Faith Sully

Faith Sully

My name is Faith Sully and I am originally from the small town of Silverton, Oregon where I grew up on a hobby farm with my 6 siblings. I have always been creative, though that has taken many different forms: story writing, architecture sketches, scrapbooking, photography, acrylic painting, fashion, and a continual attempt at cupcake decorating (someday I’ll get there!). I discovered a passion and talent for graphic design while on my high school yearbook staff.
I am very passionate about the importance of making a difference. I believe firmly that design is powerful and should be used to serve others, my community, and the world. I am not here just to make things look pretty or to focus on money. I have received a vocation and a calling to something higher – where work and services glorifies Truth and Goodness.

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