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The Obsidian Project

Obsidian Project

At the forefront of the new wave of sustainable clothing brands lies Obsidian. The mission is simple, reimagine post-consumer textile waste to bring unique minimalism to your wardrobe. All of our materials are locally sourced through second-hand trade which eliminates the need for unnecessary overseas shipping of our materials. By cutting the cost of production we can assure that much more is going back into the communities and organizations that we believe in. Every piece of scrap material is used to create a unique accessory.

Our Mission

Year after year over a trillion and a half gallons of water is wasted developing new textiles. Year after year consumers still buys new clothes. Clothes, on average, take about 40 washes to be made. That’s enough water for one plant to feed off of for a whole year. By cutting down on the need to wash the fabric, we let clothes age as long as you do and rot with you too. Our Team only washes once to ensure that your clothes have no post-production damage.

All Made

Spring Line

The land, the air, and the sea, Unexplainable wonders that come together ever so perfectly to create this planet that we call home. Our initial launch will be our spring ‘21 line, and with it comes the possibility to fit into any occasion. Nature-inspired colorways remind us of our home planet and protect us from its seasons.

The first sleek line of the Obsidian Project is made from recycled fabric scraps. Each piece is uniquely designed for the user with an expert seamstress at hand who ensures that every scrap is accounted for. Leaving no scraps behind.

Bartley Lucas Portrait

Lucas Bartley

Hi, I’m Lucas, an experienced graphic designer based in Corvallis. I enjoy working with teams contributing to making the design process run as smoothly as possible. With a quirky & fun personality, I brighten the work environment up even when it’s been a tough day.

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