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The Passion Project

A social group and movement with the core focus of celebrating passions across the globe through community, education, and inspiration.

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In recent times, we find ourselves trapped in a daily routine that was forcibly altered from normalcy and filled with restrictions, telling us what we can and can’t do when outside the comfort and safety of our homes. This for most people means endless hours confined to spaces we previously spent less than 25% of our day in, unable to go out and do the things we love to do. Presented now more than ever is the need for social and human interaction, that is, other than the little squares of faces we see in Zoom meetings and Facetime calls. This is where my idea for the Passion Project was born. When analyzing the effects of isolation and lack of purpose felt by most people during these trying times, in addition to my own struggles in finding my place in life, I wanted to create a community that encourages people to fill the otherwise dead time in their day with the things they are most passionate about– or at least were before the world shut down… Thus the movement was born.

A collaborative blog allows Passion Project members from all over the world to tell their stories, share their experience, and ask/answer questions. Blog posts are categorized and can be filtered based on individual’s interest for easy and digestible viewing.

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The communal photo space offers members another option for sharing their passions with other members in the community and beyond, all in one convenient place. After all, a picture can be worth a thousand words– and to people who have had limited face-to-face conversations, that’s a whole lot of words.

Various Passion Project merchandise items including hoodies, water bottles, drawstring bag, phone cases, Popsockets, and stickers are available for both members and non-members to purchase. This allows people to have their own piece of the movement, representing The Passion Project wherever they go!

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Alexis Landrey

Oh Hi! I’m Alexis, a graphic designer and photographer soon to be relocating to the Bay Area, CA. When I am not being a hyperactive creative, you can find me at the movies (aka my couch), on a scenic drive with the windows down and music blaring, or wherever there are dogs (seriously).

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