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TRU Beauty is a skincare subscription box that helps find products that fit the buyer’s specific skincare needs and values. We understand that everyone has specific needs so that is why TRU BEAUTY places an emphasis on customizing each month’s subscription to the user’s needs while connecting them to both larger brands and smaller BIPOC owned brands.


The Problem & Solution


Searching for skincare can be confusing, time-consuming, and frustrating. With many products on the market, it’s hard to tell what products actually work or come from a company that has similar values when it comes to ethics and social movements.

That is where TRU BEAUTY came to life.

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TRU Beauty Branding

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The message behind TRU BEAUTY’s branding is the create an inclusive and accessible system that can be flexible with current trends, varying artistic styles, and clean legible elements and fonts. All while maintaining a clean and fresh branding system.

Three Easy Steps

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5th Question on the Quiz: What are your skin concerns (select all that apply)

Step 1: Take the Skincare Quiz

The skincare quiz helps us get to know a bit about what products we need to send but also your values, budget, and interest. That way we can connect you to the business that shares similar values and we don’t go over budget.

There is also the option to switch the subscription box, quiz, and other inserts to a dyslexia font for easier readability. We want to make sure that our information on products is easy to read for everyone.


Step 2: Enjoy Your Products!

Once you receive your monthly box, the easiest part is next: enjoying the products! Within each box, you have products that fit your regular skincare routine in 30-day trial sizes. That way there is no guilt if a product doesn’t work for you!

Each box has a TRU BEAUTY Glow Guide that has each product listed in order of how to use them and also instructions on when and how to use them. This creates easy skincare routines for the user to follow and if they want to skip a step, it is okay!


First question for review survey: Select all the products that you liked

Step 3: Review the Products

After 30 days of using the products, a follow-up survey is sent out to see if they worked for you!

If they didn’t or there was an issue, your profile information will be updated to prevent future problems. So in the future, we don’t send you products that will cause that reaction and also notify you on what ingredient may have caused it. That way when you’re shopping for products, you will know what ingredients to avoid or be cautious of.


Additional Deliverables

Promoting Positivity

Not all beauty comes from a box but rather the mind. That is why there is an option to buy stickers and products with daily affirmations to change how we view ourselves in the morning and throughout the day.

You cannot glow to your full potential with a cluttered perspective.

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Featured Business

The featured BIPOC skincare business is Melanin Minerals.

Melanin Minerals™ is a black woman-owned business based out of Oregon that specializes in handcrafted skincare items like bath bombs, sugar scrubs, moisturizers, toners, cleansers, lotions, salves, and more. Their mission at Melanin Minerals™ is to provide natural, sustainable, and high quality skincare products for those seeking a natural alternative to relieve pain, anxiety, and skin issues.

To shop their amazing products, find them on Instagram @melaninminerals and at their website melaninminerals.com

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