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Worthy Design Studio

Worthy Design Studio is a strategy and design agency that amplifies ideas, products, and people making the world a better place. We work with purpose-driven brands, companies, and nonprofits to help them communicate their story through impact design, strategy, and storytelling.

Nonprofits need help

Nonprofits have a natural opportunity to be incredibly effective at marketing. Why? They have stories to tell that are often a lot more compelling and easier to tell than for-profit entities. Unfortunately, nonprofit organizations struggle the most when it comes to marketing. Through this project, I discovered that most nonprofits lack the resources and knowledge to successfully implement their own marketing.

Worthy Design Studio

How can nonprofits overcome this issue?

Through my research, I found that nonprofits’ main challenges could be narrowed down to not having enough time and budget constraints. Successful nonprofit marketing must use high-quality graphics/photographs, action-based messaging, and showcase their brand. Target audience research is also important for nonprofits in order to resonate effectively with their audience(s). From these key findings, Worthy Design Studio was born.

About Worthy Design Co Brand Guide

About Worthy Design Studio

Worthy helps organizations tell stories that matter. We help our clients create exceptional brands, communications, and experiences that engage audiences and connect them with their missions and values to increase social impact.

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Sierra Blair

Sierra Blair

Hi, I’m Sierra! I’m a senior at Oregon State University (go beavs) and I am receiving a BFA in Graphic Design this spring. With every project, I strive to create meaningful design work, genuine relationships, and a positive social impact. When I’m not designing, you can find me planning my next trip, hiking in the mountains, or sitting in a local coffee shop.

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