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Zion: Modernized

This project modernizes the experience of Zion National Park through ways that graphic design touches the beautiful landscape. Every National Park is uniquely beautiful, and they each deserve their own spotlight. Zion is given its own brand identity and sense of individuality, separate from the National Park Service. This system will go on to refresh the website for the park to help educate and inform visitors before they even arrive. The site creates an inviting way that education about National Parks can be easily accessed, which, in turn, makes park visitors aware of all destinations within the landscape to aid the issues that come with overcrowding. Overall, an informed trip will help any visitor decrease the stress that may surround their experience.







An interactive prototype of the full website is available HERE.

Photos by Joe Braun (citrusmilo).

Website copy and information courtesy of the National Park Service.

Maggie Murray Bio

Maggie Murray

Hi, I’m Maggie!

Professionally, I’m a graphic designer and photographer that is beyond passionate about bringing creative businesses to life. I have a thing for hand lettering, hand drawn illustrations, and the occasional watercolor painting. Personally, I’m an introvert, outdoor enthusiast, a terrible dancer, and am a sucker for The Office, pasta, and baby goats.

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