2019 Graphic Design Senior Show


Friday, April 12, 2019


OSU Portland Center
555 SW Morrison St
Portland, Oregon 97204
Welcome Industry Professionals, OSU GD Alumni, Future Students, Current Students, Family and Friends!

WE ARE HERE! Come find out what HERE means to us.

Our event set-up is kind of like a fair — attendees are invited to • visit with the graduating seniors about their amazing work (40+ graduating this June!) • find out information about the Graphic Design Program at OSU • meet and network with current students, alumni and future students • enjoy light refreshments • participate in activities • and collect some fun takeaways!

At 6 pm we’ll see and hear from alumni in short presentations based on the prompt ‘How did I get HERE?” or “What does HERE mean to you?” Presentations will be followed with Q&A.

Stick around that last hour to network and celebrate all things OSU Graphic Design!

Event designed by OSU’s student graphic design studio, FLUX — with guidance from our mentor studio HAPPYLUCKY!

Meet the GD Class
of 2019

Dan Anecito

Brand Systems, Infographics, Potatoes

Nicole Asato

Ambitious, Branding, Illustration

Erik Brass

Strategy, Coffee, Adventure

Olivia Brown

Bold Ideas & Bold Coffee

Matthias Brumbaugh

Intention, Connection, Relevance

Josie Camat

Illustration, Printmaking, Installation

Nico Conahan

Illustration, Egg Sandwiches, AF1s

Bella Contino

Photography, Bookmaking, Branding

Hayley de Sully

Illustration, Packaging, Hand Lettering

Isaiah Eddington

Sports, Photography, Fitness

Maddie Finklea

Branding, Organizing, Stripes

Sean Flynn

Branding, Screen Printing, Skating

Nathalie Gardner

Creative Thinking, Entertainment, Sweet Potatoes

Niamh Gordon

Bella Gosman

Marmite, Customer Service, Photography

Jimi Griffin

Innovation, Perseverance, Glass

Hannah Hadi

Illustration, Story, Games

Anna Hebert

Theming, Guest Experience, Eating

Logan Hillerns

Illustration, Branding, Photography

Taylor Hubbard

Branding, Videography, The Beach

Justin Kosmicki

Branding, Package Design, Disc Golf

Susan Lee

Visual Identity, Photography, ASMR

Louise Lemmon

Awesome, Lemons, Jack-of-all-trades

Natalie Lutz

Color, Art History, Branding

Kaitryn McDade

I, Need, Job

Jacob Mole

River Tales, Rad Stickers, Laser Cuts

Cam Morando

Branding, Photogrpahy, UI/UX

Ariel Niemela

Typography, Photography, Memes

Hayley Pearson

Optimistic, Imaginative, Steadfast

Alyx Peterson

Mountain Treader, Trader Joe, Denim Overalls

Max Rompa

Branding, Coaching, Coffee

Sara Sargent

Illustration, Book Arts, Passion

Brennan Scott

Optimistic, Collaborative, Beer Enthusiast 

Lia Shaw

Branding, Illustration, Dachshunds

Kelsey Shelton

Branding, Photography, Passionate

Hunter Sluka

Branding, Photography, Sneakers

Sydney Smith

Cookie Baker, Globe Trotter, Design Thinker

Nathan Stewart

Experimentation, Super Smash Bros

Maggie Taylor

Sports Design, Illustration, Movie Quotes

Ragen Venti

Branding, Packaging, Logos

Molly Von Borstel

Brand Developer, Crafter, Story Teller

Matty Walsh

Letterer, Dog Mom, Seinfeld Enthusiast 

Paul Weaver

Motion Graphics, Illustration, Typography

Lance Wilson

Branding, Photography, Packaging

Maddie Yamamoto

Illustration, Sustainability, Bubble Tea