The OSU Graphic Design Program

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in graphic design at Oregon State University, recognized as one of the top undergraduate graphic design programs in the Northwest, places graduates in top design studios and graduate programs around the country.

Hosted by the #1 research institution in the Pacific Northwest, our graphic design program represents the following values:

Stay competitive:
Solve problems through research & imagination:
Quality over quantity:
Keep your friends close:

The competitive, professional program features a faculty of creatives with a breadth of skills and professional experience, assuring a rigorous learning environment that emphasizes conceptual design, problem-solving, aesthetics, collaboration and current technology.

The hybrid curriculum incorporates courses in new media, digital communications, art and design, as well as an innovative course on collaboration. Students also have many opportunities to make real work for clients within and outside of the university.

In today’s visual, digital world, graphic design is a growing and expanding profession filled with possibilities. Careers for students completing a B.F.A. in graphic design include print media, editorial design, marketing, advertising, branding, package design, web design, app design, interface design, interaction design, information design, motion graphics and more.

Graphic design students leave OSU as ready, experienced, competitive professionals. They are visionaries, able to conquer creative challenges and meet client needs with panache and inventive, leading-edge expertise.